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Airship (Blimp!) Pilot Job

Get a job as an Airship Pilot. (Blimp pilot job)

This is the perfect pilot job for all you flight nutters out there! Van Wagner (The Lightship Group) from Air Ships has a job opening for an air ship pilot. Yes, that would be a Blimp pilot.

For this job you need to be prepared to travel 365 days per year, sign up for a 3-year contract, and have all your pilot certifications.  That means you need to have a current FAA and CAA pilot certification to steer this Blimp. Before you apply for this airship pilot position, make sure you are not needed at home on a regular basis. You will be crossing the globe with your blimp and a crew of 17 for most of the year.

Your blimp pilot salary will be roughly $205/week per diem. Depending on experience this might change.

To apply for the airship pilot job, head over to the Air Ships website. They also have a couple of openings for ground crews and blimp engineers.

Apply for this job here

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